Sectarian Madhabs

“Today I have completed your Deen”
[Surah Maida: Ayah 3]

“Whoever searches for anything other then Islam, it won’t be accepted”
[Surah Ale – Imran : Ayah 85]

“They have made Allah ‘s associates (polytheiseim) who make Deen for them, even thou Allah doesn’t permit it”
[Surah Shoora : Ayah 21]

“Surely, only Deen Islam is near to Allah”
[Surah Ale Imran : Ayah 19]

“And those people who don’t make judgments according to which Allah has revealed are KAFIRS (non-believers)”
[Surah Maida: Ayah 44]

“Follow that which has been revealed upon you from Allah and do not follow any other friends besides it. Little do you recollect!”
[Surah Al-Araf: Ayah 3]

Prophet Muhammad (SallAllah-u-Alaihi-wa-Sallam) said: “Whoever introduces a new thing in our Deen will be rejected”
[Saeeh Bukhari & Saheeh Muslim]

Points :

1) Allah ‘s Deen was completed in the Prophet (SallAllah-u-Alaihi-Wa-Sallam’s) lifetime, was there anything besides Quran & Sunnah at that time ?

2) Anything other then Deen Islam won’t be accepted, what will become of the Madhabs ?

3) Making of Deen is Allah ‘s duty, whoever considers anything other than Islam as religion commits shirk.

4) Only Deen Islam is Near to Allah, Nothing Besides That.

5) Those who make judgments from anything other then what Allah has revealed are kafirs, Were the Madhabs Revealed ?

6) Anything new introduced as part of Deen would be rejected, aren’t the Madhabs new? were they present at the time of Prophet (SallAllah-u-Alaihi-wa-Sallam) ?

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