Other Books of Allah Subhana Hu Wa Ta'ala

From the time Aadam (Alaihis Salat u was Salaam) was made Allah’s vicegerent on Earth the religion with Allah was none other than Islam. For guiding the children of Aadam (Alaihis Salat u was Salaam) and their subsequent generations Allah sent to them His Messengers. These Messengers brought with them the Signs of Allah to let mankind know that they were truly the Messengers of the One Who was the true Lord. These signs would be in different forms but the greatest of these were the Books of Allah.

These Books were revealed upon some of the greatest Messengers of Allah. Other than the complete books, a few of the prophets were also given short scriptures.

The Holy Quran, which was revealed upon Muhammad (Sall Allah u Alaihi wa Sallam), the last Messenger of Allah is in its original form even to this day and will remain so as Allah has promised.

The other divine books were later distorted and thousands of additions were made in them and the followers of these books themselves testify to this fact. Nonetheless these books were originally revealed by Allah Subhana hu Wa Ta’ala and all Muslims are commanded by the Lord Almighty to believe in all the revealed books and scriptures. These books along with the names of the prophets (Alaihimus Salat u was Salaam) upon whom they were revealed include:

  1. The Torah (The Old Testament) revealed upon Musa (Alaihis Salat u was Salaam)
  2. The Zaboor (The Psalms) revealed upon Dawood (Alaihis Salat u was Salaam)
  3. The Injeel (The Bible/Gospel/New Testament) revealed upon Eisaa (Alaihis Salat u was Salaam)

Islam never claimed that it is a new religion. Islam through the Quran is only a revival of earlier scriptures. Whenever earlier scriptures were corrupted or forgotten, Allah always revived them through a prophet and a book. The Quran thus revised the Torah and the Bible and the words it contains are absolutely the WORDS OF ALLAH AND NOT OF MUHAMMAD SALLA ALLAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM.


 “The Muhammadan law which is binding on all from the crowned head to the meanest subject is a law interwoven with a system of the wisest, the most learned and the most enlightened jurisprudence that ever existed in the world.”

(The English statesman and orator, Edmund Burke. In his “Impeachment of  Warren Hastings”)

Thus we invite all of mankind to embrace the Holy Quran, the Ultimate Miracle and the Final Testament.


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