How to Take Bath - Ghusal?

First wash both the hands up to the wrist, three times, when taking bath.
(Saheeh Muslim)

Then wash the genitals, and the filth with the left hand.
(Saheeh Bukhari)

Then rub the left hand thoroughly against the ground 2-3 times, and then wash.
(Saheeh Bukhari, Saheeh Muslim)

Then perform ablution in a manner, as described for the Salat. (Saheeh Bukhari), that is
Thrice do the gargling in the mouth and thrice put water into the nose with 3 handsfull of water and not 6 handsfull, wash the face with 3 handsfull and both the hands up to the wrist, thrice.
(Nasai, Sanad Saheeh)

Then make fingers of the handset wet and comb (do Khilal) into the roots of hair, with fingers, until the skin of the head becomes, moist and wet, beyond doubt, then drain water over the head thrice.
(Saheeh Bukhari)

Then drain water over the whole body, first right side and then the left side.
(Saheeh Bukhari)

Then wash both the feet, getting aside from the bathing place.
(Saheeh Bukhari)

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