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What Quran & Hadith Say About Islamic Month of Jamadius Sani


Audio Recording Updates


Khutba of Eid-ul-Adha by Muhammad Ishtiaq Sahab



Friday Khutba by Muhammad Ishtiaq Sahab



Khutba Eid-ul-Fitr by Qari Abdul Wajid Sahab



Friday Khutba by Muhammad Sufyan Ishtiaq



Friday Khutba by Syed Zain-ul-Abideen Sahab



Friday Khutba by Naimatullah Sahab



Friday Khutba by Arshad Sahab





Invitation of Jamaat-ul-Muslimeen

Our Ruler is Only One - That is Allah The Exalted - None Else

Our Imam is One - That is Muhammad Sall Allah-u-Alaihi-wa-Sallam - The Last Messenger of Allah - No Sectarian Imam

Our Deen (Law) is One - That is Islam - The Law Bestowed by Allah - No Sectarian Madhab

Our Name is One - That is Muslim, The Name Given by Allah - No Sectarian Name

Basis of Our Love is One - That is Allah The Exalted No Worldly Relation

Reason For Pride is One - That is Faith in Allah and in His Prophet Neither Mother Land Nor Nation Nor Language

If you agree to above we invite you to join us
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Audio Recording Updates

Ijtima Jamaat-ul-Muslimeen 2021
Recording will be available soon after Ijtima InshAllah
Venue: Masjid-ul-Muslimeen, Malir, Khokharapar, Karachi
Record will be on 25,26,27 December 2021 InshAllah


Surah: At-Taubah, Ayah: 37

Surely the number of months with Allah is twelve months in Allah’s ordinance since the day when He created the heavens and the earth, of these four being sacred; That is the right reckoning.

Sahih Bukhari

Hadith on Supremacy of Prophet Muhammad Sall Allahu Alaihi Wasallam

Narrated Jabir bin `Abdullah: The Prophet (ﷺ) said, "I have been given five things which were not given to any one else before me. -1. Allah made me victorious by awe, (by His frightening my enemies) for a distance of one month's journey. -2. The earth has been made for me (and for my followers) a place for praying and a thing to perform Tayammum, therefore anyone of my followers can pray wherever the time of a prayer is due. -3. The booty(valuable seized in war) has been made Halal (lawful) for me yet it was not lawful for anyone else before me. -4. I have been given the right of intercession (on the Day of Resurrection). -5. Every Prophet used to be sent to his nation only but I have been sent to all mankind.

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