Important Public Notice

The general public is hereby informed that Jamaat ul Muslimeen is a purely religious organization, with no connection to any sect, Maslak, school of thought, or political organization. For the propagation of these ideas, the former Ameer of Jamaat ul Muslimeen, the late Syed Masood Ahmad (Rahmatullah Alaihi) compiled a number of books based on the Holy Quran and Saheeh Ahaadith. These books include among many others, the Tafseer Quran e Aziz, Minhaj ul Muslimeen, Saheeh Tareekh ul Islam wal Muslimeen etc. These books were published from the Markaz of Jamaat ul Muslimeen by the Department of Publications of Jamaat ul Muslimeen along with its sister organization, the Idara e Matbooat-e-Islamia. Moreover, these books were published and sold on a no profit no loss basis, only for the propagation of Islamic teachings. After the demise of Syed Masood Ahmad (Rahmatullah Alaihi), this noble work was continued by Muhammad Ishtiaq, who is the present Ameer of Jamaat ul Muslimeen.

In this regard, it has been brought to our knowledge that some business minded people and profit making organizations are publishing and selling the books of Jamaat ul Muslimeen or parts thereof without our due permission.

All such people and publishers are hereby warned that publishing the books compiled by Jamaat ul Muslimeen, without our due permission, or using the name of Jamaat ul Muslimeen or Idara e Matbooat e Islamia in publications, or using the logo of Jamaat ul Muslimeen without our due permission, or using the name of Al Muslimeen Welfare Society is a criminal offence as per the Copyright Ordinance XXXI of 1962, the Society Ordinance XXI of 1860 and the Trademark Ordinance of 2001.

Hence, Jamaat ul Muslimeen reserves the right of litigation to claim substantial financial compensation from any and all such people and organizations, which indulge in such illegal and unethical activities.


We hereby pray for all members of Jamaat ul Muslimeen and especially for the legal heirs of the late Syed Masood Ahmad (Rahmatullah Alaihi), who for the sake of propagation of the invitation of Jamaat ul Muslimeen duly withdrew all claims of royalty arising from the sale of all books of Jamaat ul Muslimeen. May Allah bestow His Mercy upon the legal heirs of late Syed Masood Ahmad (Rahmatullah Alaihi), namely, Syed Muhammad Sulaiman, Syed Muhammad Ilyas and Syeda Asma Hameed. May Allah also elevate the ranks of late Syed Masood Ahmad (Rahmatullah Alaihi) and his late wife Maimoona Begum and may He grant them a place in Al Jannat ul Firdaus. Ameen.

Muhammad Ishtiaq, Ameer of Jamaat ul Muslimeen,
Members of the Majlis e Shoora,
Members of Jamaat ul Muslimeen.
Advertised by the Publications and Information Secretary,
Jamaat ul Muslimeen

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