Why was Jamaat-ul-Muslimeen Registered with the Government?

Following are some necessities which compelled us to register our Jamaat:

1) We had to build masjids separate from innovators and sects; in order to purchase property we needed this registration so no one could later make any claims in the court of law.

With numerous masjids in Karachi and almost more than 100 all over Pakistan, this precaution under compulsion had to be taken if these masjids were to be made and land purchased. If this would have been done in individuals names it could create problems, like, for example, if the individual passed away and his heirs were not in Jamaat-ul-Muslimeen; they could file a claim in the courts according to the Pakistan law; which would have jeopardized all the hard work that is put behind constructing one masjid.

2) Ahle hadith sects started using our books and presented them as theirs, they used to remove our name from the cover and thus misled the masses. Because of this registration they were warned from doing so.

3) A prominent Ahle hadith Aalim in order to mislead the people started a Jamaat in the name of Jamaat-ul-Muslimeen to prove that Ahle hadith are Jamaat-ul-Muslimeen; while in fact they are not.

Because of this registration he was not able to carry forward with his plans.

There isn’t any ayah or hadith which forbids us from doing such a thing, this is just an administrative decision taken by the Jamaat’s Ameer.

For further clarification regarding getting registered from any government read the following article:

Misconceptions Regarding Taghoot by following this link: 

Now we would like to ask those people who raise this issue, whether they would apply these misinterpreted notions to the following: 

1.    Getting registered and carrying out all legal formalities to make passports or ID cards.

2.    Getting registered and carrying out all legal formalities for getting asylums from  various governments or applying for immigration.

3.    Using registered money as legal tender in various countries.

4.    Applying for Visa when going at least once for Hajj, when, on arrival they are registered in Saudi Arabia.

5.    Getting their marriages certified and registered under the various governments? 

So why this bias against Jamaat ul Muslimeen only?

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